2014 NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

The Pats take over, the Cards just #keepwinning and the Packers are pumped up. And Week 12 is ‘Word Association’ Week!

The Toronto Raptors Pay Tribute to Vince Carter… As They Should

An emotional tribute and a sign that Raptors fans have finally moved on.

2014 NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

Week of embarrassments: Packers humiliate the Bears, the Browns beat up the Bengals and the Eagles destroy the Panthers.

Not-So-Greener Pastures

The Vancouver Canucks’ superfans are hanging up the green suits.

Left Behind? We Wish!

Nick Cage’s new flick, Left Behind will make you wish you had been.

2014 NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

Big Ben single-handedly vaulted the Steelers into the Top 10 and did ‘Brady vs. Manning XVI’ cause a wave at the top of the ranks?

The New Run DMC

1:11 of NBA video comedy gold. Remember, they cannot be stopped.

2014 NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

The Patriots are putting teams on notice, the Cardinals finally get respect and the Bears/Falcons continue to disappoint.

How The NBA Will Be Won

Win Total Over/Unders, Projected Standings, Playoff Outcomes and the Award winners. I’ve got the 2014-15 NBA season all figured out!


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